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EIDCymru Update

14/01/2016 by

Review of EIDCymru meeting held at Welshpool Market explaining further the development of the electronic identification system for sheep across Wales.

Welshpool Livestock Sales, last night played host to an open meeting chaired by Farmers’ Union of Wales in relation to EIDCymru and the changes involved with the new sheep tagging rules.

EIDCymru is the new electronic sheep and goat movement recording system for Wales that will be launched 18 January 2016 and this website will allow farmers to report and manage your sheep movements on-line.

Furthermore, as of this date the electronic reporting of sheep movements by livestock markets, abattoirs, collection centres and gatherings will become compulsory.

Sheep keepers are not mandated to report their sheep movements electronically, and will still be able to utilise the paper movement licenses (AML1 forms). However, many may find that EIDCymru offers a practical and more efficient way to report sheep movements and are being encouraged to employ the electronic system EIDCymru provides.

Last night’s guest speaker Jonathon Pryce, EIDCymru said “The new website goes live from Monday and will allow farmers to log on and electronically upload their sheep movements. This increased level of traceability will enable business progression among individuals as well as developing an electronic identification system across Wales”.

“The new EIDCymru recording system provides a modern and robust traceability system that will enable quick and effective response to any disease outbreak within the sector~.

If farmers continue with using the paper movement license (AML1 forms) they are now required to send these to the EIDCymru office in Aberystwyth, rather than to their local Trading Standards offices as previously done.

“EIDCymru  have a team of support staff, based in Aberystwyth that are on hand to provide help and assistance to farmers in relation to the EIDCymru system”, said Jonathon Pryce.



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